Arp 2600 Modiciations

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For the great Arp 2600 we offer the following modifications:

  • the famous audiopath upgrade for clear highs and thundering lows. Includes lowering the reverb noisefloor.
  • VCA upgrade, only possible with open modules or modules not filled with epoxy.
  • 4072 filter upgrade.
  • new, rebuild, improved 4019 vca. The SE4019. Far better as original using the original schematics and layout.
  • new, rebuild, improved 4012, moog style vcf module. The SE4012.
  • 3 speed ADSR.
  • 3 speed AR
  • sync on the oscillators. Every configuration possible.
  • triangle and sine on VCO1 and 3.
  • cvmixer on the3604P keyboard for sequencing and transposing.
  • voltage processor upgrade, usually done with the audiopath upgrade.
  • powersupply upgrade
  • jack outputs


And on the background we're working on the original 4027 module, a quite complex vco design.

Anyway, all the customers who brought their 2600 here for a serious service and upgrade job were satisfied beyond expectation. Just ask around.