Arp Odyssey Modifications

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The Odyssey, one of the most versatile vintage synthesizers around is getting better and better.
Before any mods are done we usually make your pride 100% functional first. This includes recapping and the wellknown "wash 'n lube" for shiny boards and seriously cleaned sliders. See the PICS section and go for WASH.

The list will keep on growing but here are the mods so far:

  • Timothy Smith filter upgrade for the 4075.
  • audiopath upgrade, mostly performed with the filter upgrade.
  • tuned mono/duo switch for the keyboard.
  • 3 speed LFO.
  • 3 speed ADSR and AR.
  • triangle and sinus waves as found in the 2600. The SE2607 module.
  • replacement of the filter switches by potmeters. use all waveforms and modulation sources simultaniously.
  • 4075 resonance cv input.
  • vca input.
  • filter cv input.
  • vco2 cv input.
  • a serious musical distortion for the 4023, 12db filter.
  • extra 2600 VCO.
  • Aftertouch.
  • New VCA. The CA3080 replaced with the upgraded Centaur VCA. Clean, less noise, tide bass and sparkling highs.
  • fresh bushings for perfect and comfortable key-action.
  • polish the keycontacts.
  • and whatever we can think of...

And we are working on:

  • breakoutbox for semi-modular possibilities.
  • SE4109


Some mods are difficult or impossible in the older Odyssey's.