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Wash'n lube, recapping and the new voltage controlled direction switch with LED. Internally normalled to the gate-2 output. So when you pass a step with gate-2 it changes direction and plays backwards, untill it reaches another gate-2 output. It then changes direction again.


Omni 1 and 2

Wash'n lube, recapping, rebushing, keycontactpolish, filterupgrade and there you go! Another 30 years of pleasure.


Pro Soloist and Pro/DGX

Again, the wellknown wash 'n lube action and the same story as for the Omnis plus the restoring of the Touch Sensor function. We recently found a way to refurbish those old touchbars. You'll love your new Pro Soloist/DGX.


Solina String Synthesizer.

Holds the Arp Explorer 1. Usually needs a good bath and a load of fresh caps for the Arp section.


Odyssey, Axxe, Omni, Avatar style sliders.

We completely refurbish those sliders to make them better as new. Two different types of lubricants are used and where possible, surfaces are polished. Not cheap, but you'll experience something new on your Arp synthesizer. One big step cheaper but a small step back in effect is the wash 'n lube.


Your own mods?

When you have your own perfect idea's for your Arp Synthesizer, don't hesitate to contact us, we're always open for new idea's.