Arp Avatar Modifications

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This is the most modded Avatar I know of. It's actually the first one we did a couple of years ago. Since then we offer more modifications as on this one.

  • completely semi-modular 2600-style.
  • 6 filter audio inputs, complete with extra pots.
  • 6 filtermodulation inputs, complete with extra pots
  • The wellknown "Timothy Smith 28 khz filter-upgrade".
  • 24/12 db switch on filter.
  • signalpath improved.
  • ADSR - a faster attack.
  • VCO1 has two extra waveforms; triangle and sinus.
  • LFO double speed switch
  • extra 3 input cv and audio mixer.
  • extra LFO.
  • LAGtime generator.
  • 2 inverters.
  • 2 multiples: 1 jack and 4 minijacks.
  • everything connected using connectors.
  • lettering was done using rub-on letters and symbols.

The sound is amazingly clear and deep for an Avatar. These days we offer more mods and we're still learning and developing.

  • Portamento slider back in use
  • 2600 style triangle and sine on VCO's. 1 SE2607 module per VCO.
  • 3 speed LFO: x .1 / x 1 / x 10.
  • 3 speed ADSR and AR, also x .1 / x 1 / x 10
  • resonance cv input
  • New VCA. Upgraded ARP Centaur VCA. Much clearer, tide Bass and sparkling Highs.

And we're working on:

  • extra ADSR



Hear some Arp & others

Recorded using: 3 Avatar-2 Sequencer- 2 Axxe-1 Odyssey- Multimoog-
2 cz101- juno 60-siel ex80-formant modular-homebrew modules-
kawai R50-kawai R50e-lxp5-korg SE500- homebrew mixer- 2 DAT recorders
No samplers, multitrack recording or midi sequencing except for the drumcomputers.

Played & recorded by SE in 1990

Preliminary version of Even a storm- But everything...Par Example, 1991

 And here it is, available for download. 8.4mb