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Repair Specialties:

Arp Odyssey style slider

We can repair and restore those sliders to a better level as new. We use a few special selected lubricants for a good smooth slideraction. Satisfaction guaranteed. But for a much lower price we can give your Arp with those sliders a complete bath. All dirt removed and lubricated again.


Arp modules

Some enclosed modules can be repaired. And that's what we do. When they can't be fixed we have a few original modules, but the most interesting are the improved Arp modules which are currently under development. Check the Projects and News pages.


Arp keyboards

Big chance that your Arp keyboard is making a horrible noise, feels like sh#t and never produces a steady pitch. Well, that can be solved too. Replacing of the bushings takes care of that clunky feeling and while we're at it, the keytops will be lightly polished too. For the unsteady pitch we polish the keycontacts.  Another "satisfaction guaranteed" repair that lasts for years.


Pro-Soloist / Pro-DGX / Quadra - Touch Sensor/ Aftertouch

Finally! We can restore those old worn-out touch sensors. And they work like new again to last for years.


Arp Soloist Aftertouch.

Yes, we could replace the  only-working-for-eight-months-bubblegum system. And it works perfect.